Wildlife of Arizona
Wildlife you might find in Arizona

Featuring – Wildlife of Arizona with Desert Birds, Reptiles, Snakes and Lizards, Fish and more. Animals in AZ

Game Animals, Non Game and Endangered are all here in Arizona
Arizona Wildlife Arizona Wildlife, Fish and Bird pictures, information and more

Arizona State Mammal: Ringtail
also known as the ringtail cat, miner’s cat, and cacomistle.
It was named the state mammal in 1986.

Arizona State Bird: Cactus Wren. It measures 7 to 8 inches in length, and its back is brown with white spots, and its throat is lighter colored with black spots. Its bill is curved down and there’s a white line over each eye. Cactus wrens eat insectes, seeds, and fruit. They often build their nests inside a cactus to protect them from predators.

Arizona State Reptile: Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake

Arizona State Fish: Apache Trout

Arizona State Amphibian: Arizona Treefrog

Arizona Wildlife Areas

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Arizona Pet Talk
Talk about other animals and pets that go outdoors with you.
Like falcons, or a pet ostrich or a trained monkey. 

Where to ride, riding gear, and general horse talk.

Hiking with dogs, and taking a dog along hunting, riding or boating.
Chat about first aid, gear for dogs, like dog backpacks and portable dog bowls


  • Reptiles
    Wild, and pets, here’s the place to talk about reptiles
  • Predators
    Bears, Wolves, Foxes, and the cats. Talk about predators here NOT Predator Hunting


Fishing Stuff – Click Here

  • Bass
    Bass fishing, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Stripper, Black, Rock, Sea and more bass.
    Talk bass fishing here
  • Pike
    Pike, Muskie, Gar, all the cool fish that bite back.
    It ain’t really fishing if you can stick your fingers in it’s mouth
  • Catfish
    Fishing for catfish and information about catfish
  • Trout
    Fishing for trout and the gear thats used, Where to catch trout and when to fish for trout
  • Salmon
    Salmon in open water or in streams, Chat about how and where to fish for them as well as the farms thay are raised in.

Fly Fishing
Some people do it, some people really enjoy it.
Here’s where you talk about fly fishing

Fishing Tournament / League / Club Talk
Find a league or group to fish with.
Fishing clubs can find new members and chat about fishing tournaments

General Bird Chat
Just like it says general bird talk.
NOT bird Hunting
Bird Hunting Chat – Click Here

  • Bird Watching
    Where to go, what you’ll see, what gear to use this is the place to chat about bird watching
  • Birds of Prey
    These ain’t no chickens, these are the cool ones and you can talk about the hawks, eagles and other birds of prey here.
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