Outdoor Gear

Outdoors activities in Alaska require some gear: tents, GPS, compass, stoves, ropes, etc..

Here’s a place to talk about optimizing your outdoor experience with the right gear. We are a great source for hunting and camping gear information

  • Cameras
    Digital, video and film. This is the place to tak about the cameras we use.
  • Knives
    Whats new, whats better, the best materials we review them all here
  • Camping Gear
    Tents, cooking gear, other gadgets for around the camp.
  • Hiking Gear
    Boots, packs, and other gear for hiking the parks and forests of the US
  • GPS & Electronics
  • First Aid Gear
    Small kits and large items at camp, what to keep in the truck and what to carry. Talk first aid gear here.
  • Survival Gear
    From the basics to the essentials here is the place to talk about survival gear
  • Optics
    binocs, scopes, and more for use in Arizona conditions
  • Clothing
    The best outdoor clothing for various climates. Review, ask questions and find out about the best outdoor clothing
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